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About Me

Following the birth of my own child and volunteering at Bright Horizons daycare as a support teacher, I came to understand the profound impact of a nurturing childhood on a person's development and resilience. This realization led me to leave my Tech job and become a certified Coach.

Prior to becoming a Coach, I worked with global teams and learned from exceptional leaders. After 12+ years at Google as a Program lead, I know how to navigate chaos, handle crucial conversations, advocate for clarity and stay focused. I will bring these valuable skills into my Coaching sessions.

My diverse background helps me see everything from different perspectives. I was a bread winner, I was a stay-at-home mom, I was burnt out from work and parenting. Now I am looking forward to helping others find the courage and tools they need to build a fulfilling, nurturing and joyful relationship with their children.

If you want to connect or ask a question, use my LinkedIn or

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