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Are you ready to live with confidence?
Parent with a smile?
My approach to Coaching

Imagine a life where your aspirations drive your choices, and genuine confidence becomes your compass.

As a certified Coach, I am here to help you shift the narrative. Rather than allowing anxiety, doubts, reactivity, and fears to dictate your path, we'll ensure that your goals become the true driving force.

You will learn how to trust yourself, live with confidence, respond to your and your child's needs, navigate conflicts, repair from mistakes, and experience more joy!

About me

My diverse background helps me see everything from different perspectives.
I was a bread winner, a stay-at-home mom, a burnt out professional. I became a Coach to help others find the courage they need to build fulfilling, nurturing and joyful relationships.

Maria's coaching transformed our family. With premature twins and a 2.5-year-old, we faced immense stress. Our older daughter's jealousy and aggression were overwhelming. Maria guided us, teaching invaluable techniques to defuse power struggles and approach all emotions with compassion. Parent Coaching gave us a path to better connections with family, friends, and oneself.

A mom of 3 kids

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